The Angel and the Ghost
Angelino Prayer (Prayer of the Seeker) 
An Elderly Man Dreams of Spain
Beneath the Grey Sky and ‘Oh Penelope!’
Bette Davis
The Eyes of Quentin Joss
For Charlie Parker
For Jessica Chastain
Fortune and Glory
Goodbye Rose
Goodbye, Oh Night My Friend
Highway Candles
Knights of Toledo
Like the Moon 
Little Suzy (Stuck)
The Magic Tea House and the Blue Tiger
The Morning Star Cafe of Portland, OR
My Karina
Oh America!
Orange Rose and the Eyes Almighty 
The Priest and the Young Showman 
The Root
Song for Billie
Song for the Young Pilgrim
The Road to Los Angeles (Collection)
Stella and Skyway Trains (for San Frisco)
Warm Company
We Found Eachother (In the Dark)
You’re There

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