Written by Ren Michael

I saw you standing there ‘fore the mirror
You were putting your lipstick on
Your eyes were somewhere far
On the other side of dawn
This morning I think you know I feel a little restless
When you kiss me tonight, baby kiss me long and hold me tight
And leave me breathless

When we were young,
We fell for one another
And we died in the dawn
As you softly kissed my palm
But now I see you reflection honey, your cold emotionless stone
I awake before the rising sun and I bare witness to the holy ghost
And it leaves me breathless

I give you all I took from you
If you just give me some sign
So give me back my gun and my jewels
And I’ll give you back all of your wine
Together we are divine
The fruit of the holy vine

Tonight we have the stars
Says there’s gonna be a full moon
Tell me baby what you see
When I’m standing here looking at you
Do you see a thief, or a man? Am I alive or am I heartless?
When we dance in the evening trees, tell me baby, in the shadows do you see
The nights that left us breathless?

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