“It depends on who’s looking”

>”What do you look like?”, he asks. There is nothing but static on the other end of the phone until he hears the voice whisper back softly. “It depends on who’s looking.”

I’ve always been deeply interested in the unexplained, or more specifically, in the mysteries of the world that exist beyond the realm of domestic and international affairs, further appealing to a higher and more complicated purpose. They are the mysteries that deal with not just our own existence, but the existence of all life as we know it–and more interestingly, that of life as we don’t. I cannot believe that there is no more to life than that which is merely visible or tangible, and so the intrigue begins. Interest in this subject seems to depend greatly on a desire, a need for some explanation regarding our existence. Well my fellow journeymen, I have this desire–this need. So, let’s begin.

The Mothman Prophecies is a book that accounts for a series of bizarre occurrences in the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, in and around the year 1966. Some residents at the time said they saw strange lights in the sky, others recall how they were stalked by an ominous bird-like figure roughly six feet tall, with glaring red eyes. The reports quickly culminated into what would years later become legend, the mysterious creature being dubbed ‘Mothman’.

Some claim that the creature was a visitor from space, others thought maybe it was a local monster that feasted on farm animals. The author, John A. Keel, provides what I think is the most interesting perspective however. Keel offers the notion that these sightings are neither monsters, nor even extraterrestrials. Rather they are entities, “ultraterrestrials” as he describes them, that have always existed within our immediate environment, though in a state of being unfamiliar to human understanding.

“They operate outside the limits of our space-time continuum yet have the ability to cross over into our reality,” Keel writes. “This other world is not a place however, as Mars or Andromeda are places, but is a state of energy.”

This is the concept upon which my interest in unexplained phenomena rests. We continually discover new aspects of life not just in the expanses of our universe, but also on our own planet. We have discovered, with our own eyes, our neighboring planets, distant stars and nebulas. We have seen and touched evidence of life that existed on our planet long before humans took their first steps.

Yet what of that which we cannot see and cannot feel? The degree to which we have come to rely on our eyes is understandable, no doubt. Yet have we taken their abilities for granted? Are they really so powerful and penetrating that they are able to perceive each and every form of life in existence? Many animals, after all, have been scientifically proven to be color-blind. Would they be correct to believe that colors do not exist? How much can we truly depend on the abilities of our senses? If the senses of other known, less-intelligent, forms of life are limited compared to our own, is it so outrageous to believe that our ability to see may be limited as well? Might there be higher, more complex entities whose powers of perception dwarf our own?

If these entities do exist and they really are more advanced then we are, then why don’t they make their presence more known to us? What is keeping them from simply explaining themselves and their existence to us in plain terms? In the ‘Prophecies’ film adaptation, one of the characters offers his explanation.

“You’re more advanced than a cockroach. Are you gonna sit down and explain yourself to one of them?”

**This will be the first entry regarding metaphysics and unexplained phenomena. We’ll call the series ‘Mothman’.**

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