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>As technology grows, so too should our minds. I am writing now from my sofa using my trusty miracle phone, which is a device capable of pretty much anything but launching me to the moon.

I am often surprised at the extent to which we have come to depend on and indulge in certain technologies–namely those like the iPhone/Pad.

I would have typed this all from my computer today, but it’s in the other room…and I don’t want to get up from the couch.

I see countless people who are slowly succumbing to the power of these hand-held toys, becoming distracted from personal interactions due to the easy texting, or colorful applications.

Some of these applications, which are surely meant to make us more efficient, have instead simply made us lazy and more complacent. It is a line that I fear is becoming more blurred with each passing invention.

What people were afraid of happening with children and video games is now, in an almost comical yet disturbing way, happening with grown men and women who are choosing to spend their free time hypnotized to the toys that seem glued to their hands.

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