Judas on Stage.

A director expressed interest in me the other day for a role in “The Last Days of Judas Iscariot” and I was thrilled. I had submitted my name the preceding night, remembering a performance I’d seen back at school some years ago. Its the story of Judas standing some sort of trial in heaven, with the witnesses including Mother Teresa and Pontius Pilate. I submitted for Satan, which would have surely been a real riot. The casting read that this version of the play would be done with a substantial edge however, which would include some of the actors having to possibly perform stark nude occasionally throughout the duration. It didn’t phase me a great deal at first until I found out that I’d have to show my valuables at the audition, essentially flash them and then ask “Well, whaddya think? Call me.”

This revelation had me feeling rather uneasy and I dipped. I wondered whether I was making the right call or just pussing out. I spoke with the director, some guy who couldn’t have been much older than me, and shared my thoughts. He texted me later wondering if I might be able to send him some shirtless candids of myself through the email along with my resume, maybe that would be enough for his higher-ups to ok a nude waiver for the audition.

I told him I didn’t have any. Not to mention the absence of a resume. I had no experience save for high school drama class and I just moved out here, baby.

He understood. “Can you submit a few photos from ur phone?”

I told him I broke the camera on my phone. Not true.

“Do you have a facebook?”

I said I deleted it, figuring it was better than the truth, which was that I didn’t have one. “…though I’m probably gonna boot it up again,” said I. “I’m sure you’ll find your man…again, appreciate your time.”

He finally gave up and I found myself wanting to hide my phone like it was some villainous omen. Thus began my temporary disenchantment with the whole business. It might even be a bit of disgust, which surprises me. Surely some of my heroes wouldn’t have been so put off by the whole thing. Why it affected me the way it did I cannot pinpoint exactly, but I haven’t submitted for any new roles since. I’ve instead turned to the guitar and faithful harp.

Thanks and Praises,
Jude Rawling

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