Jude Rawling

“Here’s something that is true. Everything that I will more than likely need to assist me in my career awaits me in Los Angeles, CA..”

That seems like a century ago, maybe because I am now actually here in Los Angeles. It may also have a lot to do with the fact that in the time that has passed since I wrote that, my range of interests has expanded ten-fold. So it is a strange feeling to be somewhere more because it is in line with a commitment you made to your self so long ago; because of a moment in your youth in which you said you would at least give this silly thing a try. Being as immersed as I was in American films can plant crazy ambitions deep within the trenches of any twelve-year-old mind I’m sure, deep enough so that they never really die until you attempt to realize them. Southern California remains a place where anyone can basically do anything, or a place that is conducive to almost every lifestyle and career short of harvesting corn. For someone like me, then, it is still the ideal location.

Many thanks to Mr. Quinby for allowing me this venue, in which I will chronicle the strange and hopeful misadventures of being a star-crossed youth in the mysterious dawn of this 21st century, trying and wanting to do so many things he doesn’t even know where to start; he has succeeded only in arriving upon the land where, more than likely, this is the case for many.

-Jude Rawling

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