She dances in dim lamplight,
Hair a lovely wave
Smoke in the clubroom,
And thoughts evaporate in a soft and strung-out daze.

Did you turn to me?
They call you and spit your name
Think I’d provide any more than the same?
Well there’s nothing I can say, though you may take me from my last remaining days

Your perfume sparks my blood
So wonderful, so fragile, oh
The touch of your skin
With you and I, lady, there are no sins,
For you are the walking angel.

So Good Day Carmen
Goodnight Carmen
Arizona nymph
Graceful girl of the Calico skies
Whose eyes frame the desert twilight
Take my hand, sweet girl
I’ll be yours, if you’ll be mine
And we’ll hold eachother in these darkest of times
While the sun keeps refusing to shine
Fear not to sing
Carmen, my darling.

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