Cactus Fields (Save Us All ) #2

I’m walking through a land
Where it always threatens to rain.
Then I’ll look down and all around,
And it ends up just staying the same.
Everybody talks about making a change,
And I take a look in their eyes.
Seems we’ve all seen enough,
(With each other and our own selves) and we’ve tried and tried.

Yea we’ve watched kingdoms rise.
We’ve heard mountains fall.
Then we’ll look up to the skies,
Where we expect lie the answers for all.
But I know that you and me,
We can do so much better than that.
For in what we still share, you’ll see
Is a Rock that can actually last.
Is a Hope that actually last.
Is a God that can actually last.

I may know just how you feel,
As you stand upon mounds of brick and dust.
You’ve had your fill of heroes,
And of people telling you who to trust.
Don’t take it out on them,
Some are just trying to lend a hand.
It’s easy to escape to the gods
When you can’t see the beauty in being a man.


Yes there’s a beauty
In the power of our hands,
In our ability to get on our knees and cry.
We all share those grains of sand.
We all get one chance to be alive.


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