6/6/2011 Rawling’s Journal (Cont.)

Another dream in which I am in a restaurant filled with friends new and old. Charlotte is there with some of her friends, though she appears completely different, looking a bit Latin. Her eyes and lips are fuller and more luscious than ever, almost as though she is another woman. Yet somehow, I still know it’s her. She is surrounded by friends of her own and she is smiling coyly, yet genuinely as well, in light of the inherent awkwardness in our occupying the same space after all this time. She responds to my new name by referring to me humorously as ‘Esteban.’ Again, the significance of this particular detail escapes me. It may refer to a past dream.

Heard news today of poor reports from May and the economy. Unemployment increased and jobs went down. I wonder if our very mentioning of this and subsequent dwelling on it only makes the problem worse. Would a collective focus on what we all aim for be the key ingredient in returning us to economic prosperity?

I think more about this after watching ‘Too Big to Fail’, the story of the Wall Street collapse three years ago. Applying the power of the mind to such matters, however, might strike people as somewhat absurd and hopeless. Its not easy for us to apply fundamental concepts like positive thinking to matters as complicated as our current financial state.

More on these matters later…

-J. Rawling

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