Black Tie Event

Sitting in the backseat of an SUV.
The air is cool but the ride is rough
As we drive by the American flag
With its edges torn.
It waves triumphantly in the winter wind
But it hasn’t got long.
In the air there are walls of sand
As we make our way to the black tie event.

I can see destiny’s wings flying high toward the sun.
The sun!
O, awful and might overseer!
We stand in humility and at fault.
Stand outside I cannot.
The air is too hot.
Anyway I’ll wait for the evening rain.
You won’t be seeing me again.
But should you have some final flames to vent,
You can find me at this universal black-tie event.

We’ve committed more crimes than we can begin to count;
Hurt, stabbed the skin and flesh more than I wish to admit.
Give me an expanse devoid of sound.
Give me a darkness in a room candlelit.
We stand in fear and neglect;
A broken-down, disembodied unit;
And still in unison for an evening black tie event.

Hand to hand in long-awaited embrace,
We stand together for our tempestuous fate.
Still could use some love in the absence of hate.
Ready to receive the sky’s mighty weapon,
Let us only embrace the forgiveness in heaven.
Before skies make us fall down and repent,
Before we receive your fury,
Signed and sent;
Could you perhaps allow me a few minutes, five or ten?
Allow me one last drink at our black-tie event.

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