Audition yesterday has me feeling a bit uneasy. I performed two songs for them, ‘Dresden’ and Dylan’s ‘Don’t Think Twice’, which may have been better than the two that the other guy performed before me. I go back and forth with that. They told me that I’d be getting $100 per gig. Yet consenting to that before adding that I wasn’t even expecting to get paid and that I just want to perform may have been a horrible idea.

It was honest, sure; and meant to be a positive. “Hey here’s this guy, he can play pretty well, and you don’t even have to pay him.” Of course it could also mean to them that this guy doesn’t take his shit seriously and just wants to test waters and fool around.

Anyways, we’ll see how that unfolds. At another place on Ventura called the Beehive, inquiring about open mics. Every Friday, “7:30 to about 10” they tell me, with music and comedy and sometimes poetry. Their last poet hasn’t read in a while. They tell me that they think he left town.

The staff and patrons all seem a bit quiet, keeping to themselves a bit. The sun is shining in through the front windows facing Ventura Blvd. and onto the glossy wooden tables, giving the whole place a bit of a cozy yellow hue; and the coffee is good.

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