Of the Twilight Jungle

Crawling on a neon leaf,
Amid the rain
Soaking the green and the trees;
On planet Earth
And in that core of the black masses,
Lies a blue pearl that holds all of eternal life
With all that lasts
From this life to the next.

Horror, Horror, Horror
From the next morning until the rising day
Beat down upon us all

Crawling caterpillar
Withhold all until the dawn awakes
And the rain no longer falls
And the sun shines upon us all
Do those cactus fields still call?
From this day until the fall,
In the storm the caterpillar crawls.

There’s a deep human sound bellowing from behind the hill
Is it the distant dawn whispering to us still?
Or the rising of the manhunting mob coming in for the kill?
Where is the creator now,
When his children speak so?

Tell us Twilight King
What songs will we sing?

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