The passing of Clarence Clemons has got me thinking about the very idea of death and whether it is the sort of thing that should be mourned or celebrated in the case of any human being.

Every day henceforth will exist beneath a backdrop of a world without Clarence, and the world now seems vacant or empty and grey. Yet I think his spirit lives on in any young mind that craves and lives for the spirit of music and the adventure that is life on Earth. That is what his own music and the music he helped create always meant to me. I guess in this way he is immortal. I wonder then if his departure tonight, his crossing into that unknown sunset that marks the next great human adventure, is something that should instead be celebrated.

There is little I can really say about the passing of someone who meant so much to me growing up. All I can really articulate through the strange confusion of it all is that I miss him.

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