Sky Parade

By Michael Quinn

Drifting leaf,
Allow me to catch you once
Before you dance forever more in the wind.
I want to save you from the floor,
That place where the glory for all of us ends.

Listen to me, honey baby.
Don’t you know I just wanna be your friend?
Allow me one chance to save you darlin’
And you’ll see that you are in loyal hands.
Just wanna keep you dancing in the wind.
I want you to fly.
Higher and higher.
In the grand orchestra of God’s great sky.
Sail forever in the wind.
Fly high
Never die…

Drifting leaf (oh sailing star)
I know you are afraid.
Shall I hold you but once tonight?
Provide you shelter from the rain?
In this world there’s no way of knowing who to trust,
Even though we all walk blindly in a sky parade.

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