Monterey, CA (written on the way back to LA from Frisco)

So food is important I’ve learned that. Whether it is a lack of it, an abundance or some healthy and sustained intake, food or the thought of it can drive the creative mind to goddamn epic horizons. Right now I am hungry is all.

I stopped off later this afternoon at Plumes coffeehouse in Monterey, off Alvarado and Franklin. Outside the weather is bitter and cold and few poeple walk the streets but inside everything is welcoming and the staff is very friendly, two girls my age, if I were in town a while longer maybe but I gotta get home. That side of me, the shyness for some reason is fading away. Disembarking. Monterey is a cold but seductive little city by the sea, man, and I’m thinking that I’d like to stay longer next time. Maybe for some music. A rock festival




San Simeon, CA

Departing from the cliffs of the angels! Seems I encountered some trouble back on the outskirts of Big Sur. An angel followed me to help, and I was humble.


…Maybe the darkness on the way out was merely the disguised hands of something almighty. Maybe it’s necessary to keep that distance, to make sure that we stay pilgrims.

Valentine’s Day
Thousand Oaks, CA

It looks like I am not allowed in LA just yet due to some vicious traffic on the 101 highway. Think I’ll wait around town some until it subsides. Am I forcing things by going into Barnes and Noble and sitting down at the table with my keypad open and ready? Not sure. Part of me feels that fate is forcing my hand. AH well, I’ll try and get to work. I passed Thousand Oaks on the highway a half hour ago but turned around and came right back after seeing the clear stretches of road in the opposing lanes. I’ve returned north sooner than I thought. Ha! Some further indication that this is jounrey is not ending. It has no intention to.

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