Stationhouse Blues

Words and Music by Ren Michael

As the trains they roll on by
Ignorant of that gleam in you eye
I thought I heard the whisper of the rain
I turn around and the same passerby, gray concrete remains

These tracks, these tunnels I might call home
Though somewhere another light had once shone
In a dream I remember visions so clear
In the steam, like a mist it blinks, yea briefly reappears.

I need you baby
I remember you
I came for you, won’t you meet me now.
There’s a place for us and it’s waiting beyond
The sun shall bring the morning but only you can bring me the dawn

Through these corridors I roam like a phantom found.
I’d become another stranger in smoke and in the crowd.
And though they all may come and go sometimes I swear I shall remain,
Until that one day I see your train comin’ my way.

What are you? My dear, I cannot say.
I’d follow you at any time and in any way
And is that the general tune of your song,
Standing alone, as I frame the nature of whose side your on?

All I know is that I need you baby
I’d give it all for you
You dance somewhere in these train station walls.
And it’s true that I can’t see you at all
And I stand so ready for you each time darkness falls.

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