Folsom Prison Blues

I done got myself thrown in jail.  But I played the ol' boys a song and posted my bail...I sang my way to freedom!

Stationhouse Blues

Words and Music by Ren Michael As the trains they roll on by Ignorant of that gleam in you eye I thought I heard the whisper of the rain I turn around and the same passerby, gray concrete remains These tracks, these tunnels I might call home Though somewhere another light had once shone In …

I’m On Fire

it was late into the night so you know I thought I'd play on Bruce for a bit and get my punk rock on hahahoho

When the Streets Grow Cold

Words and Music by Ren Michael How do you sing when the rain falls down, And keep me warm when the streets grow cold? And how do you smile when looming thunder pounds, While you lie out your hand for me to hold? 'Neath the candlelight to some evening sky, You exhale your stares and …

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