When the Streets Grow Cold

Words and Music by Ren Michael

How do you sing when the rain falls down,
And keep me warm when the streets grow cold?
And how do you smile when looming thunder pounds,
While you lie out your hand for me to hold?

‘Neath the candlelight to some evening sky,
You exhale your stares and you whisper a prayer.
Yea you smile wide and you close your eyes,
Kiss the beads of a benevolent Mary.

Do you gather roses from the falling rain?
Do you glide like a ghost ‘neath the evening trees?
Do you sing soft when grey skies remain?
Are those the eyes of an angel looking at me?

I can be there for you if you stay with me, and
Dance you a tune as summer fades to fall.
Tonight the city’s are home, these windy streets,
As you hold the tears of the angels in your palm.
While you lie out your hand for me to hold
…Keep me warm on these streets that are so cold.

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