Welcome Home

A change in style ought to explain the hiatus.

But it is New Years Eve.


It was some kind of Christmas.  2012 a hell of a year.

I can see the beast majestic in the old desert storm

and I look upon my own hands,

remembering how I stood on the hilltop awaiting the revolution.

I approach the dust storm with my speed increasing,

as it widens over the first spring dune.

There is no divine solution.

No.  There is only the divine.

And once they said rock and roll was dead.  Try and kill an attitude, a spirit born when America was born.  It lives.

This was supposed to be our final year.  Yet on this day, even Chuck Berry still lives.  We are all alive.

Eat Life.  Never stop moving.  Never stop seeing.  Feel.  And “when in doubt…fuck.”

2013 sings, Welcome home.


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