Looks like life in your eyes…

Jude Moonlight ~

The baker wore a mustache and he smiled to me and he said, “Where you been, dear boy? What you been up to?” I said, “I been here, dear man. I been here, I got stuck on a girl and I can’t get her off of my mind.” And he said that’ll happen from time to time.

Baker: What’s her name?

Jude: I got a thing about saying her real name.

Baker: Why?

Jude: Don’t know…let’s call her Monique.

Baker: C’mon, after all the talks we’ve had, you can’t trust me enough to give me the girl’s name?

Jude: It’s not about trust.

Baker: Alright then, I understand. Really I do.

Jude: Her name is Cassandra.

Baker: Was that so hard? What do you like about her?

Jude: Everything. But enough about that, I’m done with it. She loves another man.

Baker: Oh tough break, kid.

Jude: Yea, but anyways it’s nice to be back here in the ol’ haunt. How’s business?

Baker: It’s nice to have you back. Nice to see you, you ol’ rascal. Business? Business is good, I can’t complain. The world didn’t end. I’m happy.

Jude: Me too.

Baker: So what’s your next move?

Jude: To be loved, and to give love.

Baker: You stole my idea!

Jude: It’s not your idea!

Baker: Ha! I guess that’s true.

Jude: Anyways, that’s not really my next move.

Baker: It’s your last?

Jude: I thought about joining the circus.

Baker: Oh?

Jude: You know those guys who get put in a cannon?

Baker: Yes…

Jude: And then they get shot out?

Baker: Yea…you?

Jude: Bingo.

Baker: You came in here just to tell me that? Kind of a dry hump.

Jude: I know, but I just wanted to stop in and say hello. I made you a promise after all.

Baker: We did have a deal.

They shake hands.

Jude: It’s always a pleasure. (Begins to exit) You really are one of my dearest friends.

Baker: Likewise, dear Jude. Stay safe out there.

Jude: …and stay true.

Baker: You got it.

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