Looks Like Life in Your Eyes II

Jude Moonlight~

I got back into town around an hour ago and I saw that the place had been overrun with pigeons and gossip. So I kept moving and came upon a white moon glistening over the red sands.

Summer falls behind arriving summer trains.
And I fall in love with an amber rain and I step onto a platform,
A different night smiling in the shining day.

A missionary man says its closing for the night. ‘Open again tomorrow’, you can bet.
All sorts of folk, they were here, we like to keep things tight.
He’s never seen me before. ‘Stranger.’

Welcome to the Fight.

What’ve you seen?
Well, I’ve seen jackals and thieves, lions and schemes.
But I ain’t seen what’s beyond them trees. Thats where I’m goin’.”

But you’ve been there already, says the missionary man.
How’d you know? I asked.

Cause I know all about you. Yea you’re well-known around here.
This was you fait accompli. But I’m glad you came by.

Yes it was a nice memory.

Here’s to that time.

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