The Magic Tea House and the Blue Tiger

I caught the tale gleam deep in your eyes
That showed the trail of the elusive Blue Tiger,
Who slinks and prowls from the light of the moon
And leads those chosen, marked in primordial fire

I’ve got a sword that I forged once in a dream,
That lies at my side in the still afternoon
So take all my money, man, take all my jewels
The storm, the reckoning, that rain will come soon

Once in the desert I saw an image that danced,
That shimmered long in the broken glow of the sun
I roamed off I knew, from the highway and into the dunes.
As she danced, a watchful rose, the desert ghost of a woman.

Racing down the hills, I arrived at a light
And it smiled at me in the summer night air
And so emerged the angel, great herald of the stars
Roaring out a calling to all who stood aware, to all the young who dared

I stood in a clearing and heard not a whisper
I saw no arrows o’er the distant pines
Yet there I saw a lone, soaring bluebird
Taking off to fly, far beyond the skies, for a sun rising high


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