So easy


We’ll see how long this can go. Typing this from my phone since sleep for the moment is harder to come by. I’ve long thought that writing through a phone would be impossible, that I would never even try to do it. But so far it’s proving easier than I thought. The only other thing to see is whether I just ramble the whole time or whether I type anything of real substance, whatever substance means.

The rules regarding substance are changing. The rules regarding everything are changing as they always do. For instance the very nature of this post might strike journalists as offensive, as they labor in their offices for hours over a feature that has taken them far longer to type and required far more energy.

But that’s the nature of evolution. It always pisses off the fading generation. Or, excuse me, previous generations. Boy I’m even passing myself off now. Woops I meant to type ‘pissing’ myself off now. Stupid autocorrect.

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