Song to the Young Pilgrim

Fear not youngblood, lying neath the sun, for I crave only adventure.
Embrace this day, for there is no way to sit and predict the future.
Yes I see you, young and warm and resting by fire
And I know, for I am old, of all the things you desire;

But you haven’t seen the waterfalls that rip
Apart your heart and let it slip
So that in fact you don’t forget
Every human breath, sacred and so delicate.

Fear not, young one, for you have just begun
The road of life, the mountains high ‘neath the moon and stars and sun.
Yes you’ve heard of ocean’s wide, it’s tempest tides, that carry ships of steam;
But hold on now and await the sound, the bell that spells its dreams
And all you think you’ve seen, tell me…

Have you seen the city streetlights glowing in the fog of the western night?
Have you seen the cafe’s gleam like home, so warm like firelight?
Have you seen the street magicians, who hustle and make you question?
Have you played with sweet musicians, who croon a night forever festive?

Have you lied on the beach at night, and felt the hum of the crashing waves?
Have you marveled at the bird that flies, unidentified, seeking the distant day?
Have you seen deep into the blackness of the sea, and stared down the night’s mystery?
And as you heard the chimes, the crashing rise, did you see the eyes of the Almighty?

Dear Pilgrim, don’t forget, as you begin your life anew,
Where you embark may grow dark, for it’s been travelled by so few.
But keep in mind these words tonight, and keep warm your candlelight.
For as you fly, and as you fight, it burns eternal as divine might.

So step out, onward, and embrace the rising day.
Like a spirit on high, I’ll be at your side, with you every step of the way.

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