I Stopped Off at a Cracker Barrel in Zephyrhills

I drove down I-75, for the wedding of my brother’s son
Hills rose from the south, ghost called out old sounds of the swamp
Yea the air was warm and the road was my own
The land I’s born, my ol’ childhood home

I stopped off at a Cracker Barrel in Zephyrhills
Yea parked the car, said a prayer
And inside there’s a man with a rifle in hand
Set it down and ‘hind the counter, said please come on in

Welcome to Florida, he said
Yea, welcome home

I sat at the table near the window’s end
I told myself I wouldn’t be long
And in walked my second cousin T. Lester Hall
Took a look at me and knocked me clean, right there ‘gainst the old broken-down wall

He asked where I been and I said that I’d been out west
He laughed to himself and his friends all came in
Their eyes looked mean, they wore jackets bright green
Some motorcycle gang, called themselves Regal Freaks

All dressed in three piece suits
Ceremony’s at noon, he said

Welcome home Jude
Yea make some room

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