Music and Lyrics by Ren Michael

My hands shake they’re not mine
Rain falls, can’t recognize
My eyes frozen in time
Mirror broken, this home ain’t mine
I see my brother’s sweet day
In bright daylight it fades
Stranger beside me prays
I’m lost in falling rain

I remember your sweet kiss
Your loving arms, the morning mist
The taste of life upon your lips
The eyes that shine, the strength within
The sun’s high, it’s like a dream
In a space I’m caught between
I recall a far-off scream
My brother weeps for me

And though I hear no angels song
For my brother I still stand strong
For your love, dear son, I would trust from dusk till dawn
In darkest night I’d carry on

I know not my own fate
But I see a light beyond my grave
For ‘neath the thunder and the rain
Rise the tides of fraternité
Though I won’t say I’m not afraid
Brother, I believe in the day
Where strangers who embrace
Know in their heart lives the world they make.

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