On the move…

When I’m on the move, I write in verse
Small poems to most accurately or honestly reflect the things going on around me, and how I feel about those things
Often times, most of the time, these poems aren’t any good
But other times, they turn out alright.
Simple. To the point. Just getting the idea across.

I don’t know exactly when this happened.
The first time I remember it happening was in front of General Sherman.
That is, in front of the General Sherman Tree in Sequoia National Park.
They say it’s the biggest tree in the world.

As to why it happened, why it’s been happening lately
I’ve got a few ideas
Maybe because of the songwriting
I’m a songwriter
And songs, these days, seem to be what I spend most of my time writing
And so the arrangement and style found in song lyrics
Simple verse,
Seems to be the mold to which I set my words
By instinct

I don’t know if I’ll break the habit
Or even if I care to
Hell Anyway, I’ve become an honest-to-the-goddess troubadour
Too restless to sit down and write a novel
And I may never write that standard book, in the standard style, in standard prose, in my lifetime
But then again, standard has never been something I’ve cared to be.
And besides, the novel I’m writing now is turning out alright
Even though it’s nothing more than one big song.
About our hero, young J. Moonlight
And his hero, Mr. C. Corso

But while writing that I’ll look upon the past few years
Upon the album to which they led
Self-titled ‘Ren Michael’,
Cast in grey and rose’s red
And I’ll speak the way I know best for now
In music and photographs
In verse and song
Snapshots and a few words
Shouldn’t take me long.

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