St. Petersburg

In the wild cathedral evenings
On the St. Petersburg canals
Near the church at midnight they call ‘Spilt Blood,’
I met a woman singing a song I knew too well
And she looked at me
Her skin so white
A ghost, alone, in the dark of the night
She smiled at me
Her eyes they gleamed
Knocked me clean
In the dark
The eyes that saw right through my heart

Tell ya once I’d seen it all
Tell ya once I felt free
But she looked me through, and I’m bound in chains
Now I seek to be redeemed

I used to ride along moonlight’s wing, sing to the beat of the western tide
For long have I had the angels at my side
And while your laugh is soft,
Your hair like fire, voice like a meadow lark,
I can’t forget the eyes that penetrate the dark
The eyes that see so deep into my heart.