Debut Album Available Now!

Hello everybody and welcome to my Web site! First thing’s first…the MOMENT HAS ARRIVED! The self-titled debut album “Ren Michael” is now OFFICIALLY available for download on iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon etc…


As you listen to the album, picture this…

“She looks, casts one glance in the mirror and is gone no sooner than she arrived, her voice but a whisper as it echoes down the street, leaving the hero alone in the cold night wearing an old pair of boots with laces untied and a Spanish knife in his pocket, along with a beat up guitar strapped ‘cross his back and a rose in his ear.  They’ll call him Jude Moonlight.”

“Naivete, youth, inexperience, yea, these are all things that come to mind. The kid’s in over his head. He think he knows love, and maybe he does.  Anyway he drink it up like wine. This boy, his shoelaces are untied and his face has got small bruises and blemishes of dirt, with just a small cut barely visible across his forehead. This boy, they call him Jude.  He says he’s from New Orleans but he might have lied. He likes jazz music and he claims to be a bluesman. But again, he’s said to be a liar. Don’t trust him, they say, he’s a trickster. These days, everything comes to us in shades disguised as soundbites, memes and electronic waves of static noise. He says it won’t last, and that he’s just one of many who wish to break through it, listen to it shatter like glass, and watch it fall upon the streets like a cleansing rain from human heaven…”

…Sound the bells 😉




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