Einstein and Billiards

Just like that it’s 2018. I thought I might change journals and maintain the tradition of one journal per year but I don’t know, I think it might be time to break with tradition and continue it all in one long and ongoing stream of thoughts with little regard for one year changing into the next. There’s too much pressure put on to the whole idea of coming and going into a New Year anyway. Nothing really ends nor begins since time is relative after all, but I won’t go into that rabbit hole tonight except to say that everything, namely time itself, is cyclical not linear. Where was I?

Einstein? Maybe I’ll start there. So often I see orbs and planets circulating in my imagination, like those orbs striped or solid crashing and spinning on a billiards table. And I’m there with the pool stick in my hands, aiming for next move, thinking, focusing, breathing.

So I begin looking up the story of the man and his life and universe. I might start with a book but I’ve got a feeling that the road will expand. I am slowly learning how to break the rules. Einstein, I figure, is a good place to begin. Or rather, begin again.

When asked what he thought schools should emphasize in their curriculum, he replied: “In teaching history, there should be extensive discussion of personalities who benefited mankind through independence of character and judgment.” Anyway, I don’t think it’s any coincidence that I stumble upon that quote tonight. Happy New Year.

There is no breaking the chain. There is only the river. And it runs and flows no matter what I do or say and it returns in falling rain. So let it rain, let it rain.

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