A spark… (I Am Nobody)

A spark…

He wanders in darkness
A shadow of himself
A stranger he can’t recognize
smiling from an old poster sign
a tattered flyer
tumbling in the city breeze
Smiling in dark alleys
Looking straight at me!

Time to get moving
It’s 2017
“you’ve just begun.”
But times have changed
It don’t belong to the young

I tell ya now I’ve heard your songs
Heard ‘em all
But I haven’t heard you sing
You know I’ll haunt your dreams
Till you enter the ring
Sing for me
Before the nights run out
Sing for me
As they clamor and shout
What will they say of the hero tonight
Who walked alone, chasing the light
A false prophet who reigned in a barren land
Away from himself
Never mind his own fellow man

What have you got
to say for me now?
What more have you
but a lost, voiceless sound?
Some has-been who never was
Go on home
you know you’re not the one

Tell me are there more beyond those who resist, insist
That we raise up our hands and thrust our own fists
Who embody, embrace some divinity above
Who live out their lives for those they love
Who cherish and claim
An unforeseen day
For goodness and faith
In all the lost and the lame
Do they wander the earth
unknown and unheard
For their sisters and brothers
lovers unlearned

You say you believe
Well let’s see what you make
When you walk a fine line
As the world begins to quake

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