America, I See You

I am in love with this moment
I am in love with you
and America, I see you
So let down you guard

America I see you
No matter the statues left
standing, I see you
Or whoever stands
for the anthem
I see you still
How did you ever get boxed into this prism?
Who made it their crusade
to make you sacred cow
isolated mother
honored on bumper stickers
America, Holy Moses with the Bill of Rights
Who sees beyond what they might recite?
America, who are you?
or what?
are you really up for grabs
all over again?
Or have you never left our side?
Child of the enlightenment
Beacon of reason and yet
home to hopeless romantics
and children of the wilderness
angels of the city
headstrong seekers of the
liberated spirit
I see you. patriots.
silent in the night
walking knee-deep
in the Jersey swamps, marching
Recalling a dream
Shrouded in the subconscious
shadow of memory
I hear you through the static.
Smiling behind the noise.
Lifting the first light
for the cast-out, forgotten
Lost girls and boys
You’re alone in the cold, yet
You don’t waver
you grow younger
as we get old

So it goes, I heard, with ideas
distant though attainable
those which cherish
the human heartbeat, choral
All men and women
Created as equal

Are we?
Do we?
What do you we believe?
I can still see it.
Think I can feel it.
Shall we acknowledge our sins without dwelling
Reconstruct our cities
while resurrecting
the rightful kings who had no kings
but shared one queen
Giver of life
of water
Grass to lie on
and contemplate the stars
Unending Zion
for pilgrims near and far
America, what are you?
just a word
or an idea?
a country
or a state of mind?

Well I told you once before
I feel it
Think I can see it, still

Ren Michael
October 2018

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