Mr. Moonlight

One of those songs that has the power to scare the goblins from out of your skull, ‘Mr. Moonlight’ can burn witches at the stake in the blink of an eye. I’ve been in love with this song ever since I heard John Lennon yell it like lone wolf at the stroke of midnight. I toned it down a little myself for this acoustic version, but sometimes I can just as easily scream it out and chase the demons away, back into the crevices from which they came. This song has the power to wake you up, bring you back to your senses. Just the arrangement, the chord changes alone knock me out. It also doesn’t hurt that the lyrics are so smooth. A glass of red wine, roses, and the moonlight. That’s me baby. You’re calling my name.

This was the first song of ‘the Moonlight Sessions’ in late January, the song was dedicated to a baby named Luna Lucia. It was two days following that wild ‘blood-red super wolf moon,’ when the moon was cast in a dark red glow looking like a lost, ancient ruby twinkling it’s long-awaited return in the night sky.

On the nights that followed, and especially on the night of this recording, the moon was bigger and brighter than I’d seen in a long while.

Mr. Q


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