Seine Reflections #2 (Afraid to Love You)

fear to extend a hand open up, I stand in the streetlights of Paris, in Saint-Germain sure they drive me wild lovers walking along the Seine, they leave so it's just me and the river, I could jump in I hear you Still, of course I still hear the whisper as ever calling to me …

I’m On Fire (feat. Andrea & Sunny)

G'Morning folks and Happy Sunday! I was fiddling with the new phone camera and getting it set up and running a little test video to see how it flowed, and that noise you hear in the background is our dog Sunny dancing to the music and the singing and the strumming with Andrea, who is …

Folsom Prison Blues

I done got myself thrown in jail.  But I played the ol' boys a song and posted my bail...I sang my way to freedom!

I’m On Fire

it was late into the night so you know I thought I'd play on Bruce for a bit and get my punk rock on hahahoho

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