Seine Reflections #2 (Afraid to Love You)

to extend a hand
open up, I stand in the streetlights
of Paris, in Saint-Germain
sure they drive me wild
lovers walking
along the Seine,
they leave
so it’s just me
and the river,
I could jump in
I hear you
Still, of course
I still hear the whisper
as ever
calling to me
what I wouldn’t give to be
freedom breathing
beating, being
beyond mere belief
I could take you
thrill you
but baby I’m afraid to love you
this is more than finding the right word
if I could only open
and remain open
there’d be no right
& wrong

The song
lingering o’er the both of us
screaming between us, though mostly
we know it’s me
I’d better tell ya now, lest
I grow old, into the ghost
floating every night over
this black river
flowing, surrounding Notre Dame
Ring the bells for me
I’ll make you a believer

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