earth day

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit some spectacular places that celebrate our planet’s beauty, but the picture below was taken on a ordinary day walking my dog in the neighborhood where I grew up in south Florida.

In anticipation of Earth Day and this week being National Park Week, I’d thought this post might bring the two together as I wrote about how precious and sacred our planet is, with pictures of me in the Rocky Mountains or in the valley of Zion National Park.  

But to do that would diminish one of the larger points in more deeply appreciating our environment in the first place, that our environment is, naturally, around us, above and below us all the time, no matter how far off we venture in the world.  It doesn’t begin or end in some other county, or state or country; nor does it begin at the entrance to a state or national park.

Anyway, I think this picture below is a good picture because it celebrates a nice moment, one of many I’m grateful to have enjoyed, where I remembered what little distance I had to travel to see how beautiful and valuable our planet is. Sometimes we just need to walk outside the door to remember we are home.

Let’s take care of it. Today, tomorrow and always.

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