quick tips: start_

When we’re about to begin a project, sometimes it’s tempting to sweat the beginnings.  That is, trying to manipulate conditions, waiting for the right kind of  ‘weather’ before you take the first steps.  This can be anything from those things out of your control, like the actual weather, or things that are in your control, ranging in anything from your promotions on social media to the contents of your desk.

The only thing that matters is that you begin the thing you want to begin.
The rest will take care of itself.  You don’t have to make an announcement of any kind, whether promotional or personal, and you don’t have to call your friend first to straighten out some disagreement that has nothing to do with the task at hand.  Those are all just things we dwell upon to keep from doing the things we want to do, or need to do.

Why the self-sabotage?  Well, that’s a whole other can of worms. I’ll bet it’s an age-old systemic construct in our society, which encourages our addiction to problems.  But know this, having problems and things that constantly keep you preoccupied is no badge of honor, especially when it prevents you from living your dream.

And so friends, when in doubt, just start.  The rest will into fall into place by the momentum of your creation, by the energy of your will.  If there is one thing to take from this little lesson, it’s this.



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