One True Home

have the ashes
over discord
& broken glass
to take a stand?
as the storm approaches
equalizing all
to a barren land
and surely,
we know
we must, and so
shall we trust
one another
invest in eachother
to save ourselves
our home?
this globe
here we are, we stand alone
I know

but through
this long, lonesome
sisters, brothers
a choral heart
behold, the spark
this beating heart
we’ve got eachother
in the dark

as we march, hand in hand
for ourselves, our future
our right to live
in our own

while in the trenches
down below
we work up
& across the sea
for the air we breathe
our kin, our own
beneath the trees,
beyond ego for blue and green, as we
come together
and let it grow
we stand together, for our
one true home

we stand together, our
one true

Global Climate Strike
Sep 20, 2019

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