LA Renaissance #1

The Hungarian rhapsody
by dear ol’ friend Franz Liszt
as I’ve read the words aloud to myself
and feel that I
might recite them all
as they become
bonded to my own
in soul, as I proclaim
this new music of ours
o’er the cliffs
of Cambria
at Moonstone Beach, as
my forebears brought
me here and yet
I stand on my own
still, for it’s always
been me.
and that’s a mighty
good feeling, friend

singing songs here
we are now, folk
we might know
well beneath new
morning sun dreams
of Italy and
creekside Venetian
operatic visions
by Puccini
Rossini, as I
sing these lilting
lyrical melodies
and songs of Don Giovanni
we’re riding on a motorcycle
heading straight
into this new world
only being born.

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