Stationhouse Blues

This is the first song that I recorded, chopped and produced on my own, the first that I had fully ready to go even before the debut album,  

However, at the time, it didn’t quite fit with the rest of the songs on deck, and I was more keen on releasing a full album over a single, so I put it on hold for a while.  Until now. 

I can’t exactly recall how it all began. I remember one night getting back home from the movie theater.  I’d taken the train back to Hollywood and I was in the station, still fairly busy at that time of night. 

Anyway I don’t know if there was some kind of construction going on, or maybe a leak in the pipes but I remember how, from the southbound tunnel came a sudden rush of steam and how all the people there had turned into dark shapes and shadows, moving phantom-like in the dim light, mere suggestions of people, nameless forms close to me and equally out of reach.

I pictured a girl on a train, how this place might have been the last place I’d seen her; how, despite all the time passed, I still couldn’t help but feel she was  close by somewhere, as though she might  reappear suddenly out of that smoke and mist, and that no time would have passed after all.  And then, in that moment I’d remember it was only a dream.


Stationhouse Blues
Music and Lyrics by Ren Michael

As the trains they roll on by
Ignorant of that gleam in you eye
I thought I heard the whispering of the rain
I turn around and the same passerby, gray concrete remains

These tracks, these tunnels I might call home
Though somewhere I swear another light had shone
In a dream I remember visions so clear
In the steam, like a mist it blinks, yea briefly reappears.

I need you baby
Yea I long for you
I came for you, won’t you meet me now?
There’s a place for us and it’s waiting beyond
The sun shall bring the morning but only you can bring me the dawn

Through these corridors I roam like a phantom found.
I’d become another stranger in the smoke, in the crowd.
And though they all may come and go sometimes I swear I shall remain,
Until I see your steam-train comin’ my way.

What are you? My dear, I cannot say.
Though I’d follow you at any time and in any way
And is that the general tune of your song,
As I stand here try to frame the nature of whose side your on?

Cause I need you baby
Yea I remember you
And you dance somewhere in these train station walls.
And though it’s true that I can’t see you at all
I stand so ready for you, each time darkness falls.


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