Graveyard Gangster Film

Last night I saw a film
A gangster film in a graveyard.
no shit, with
wild children
seeking to be yet
still tamed without seeing
but knowing.

Shall we dance just like this?
Liberated and in-step

with ahead and behind
and top and bottom
where all are merely one
repeating in breathing,
rhyming in its discord?

Shall we be the conductor to this fact of existence
understated and subtle though it may be but always there
like the currents of the ocean, the impulse guiding
every pair of eyes in creation?

Where deviating from the impulse is unnatural
leads to damaging of earth,
life maintains the balance
and when disturbed, corrects itself
–so enter pandemic and changing climate
pushing the itch out slowly and surely
‘less we get hip
and start remembering.

Now, my love walks by and smiles.
Cleo plays jazz piano
It’s overcast in Los Angeles
after a rough night of rain.

I like a little change
last night I got the hunch

so let’s do it, shaking
things up excites the mind.
Music coaxes the soul.
The practice is the constant,
steadying me through the storms.
Years ago, warned of it.
Been some time navigating

but we’re doing alright
as right can be.

Right as rain

Written September 10, 2022


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