The Circle (Amen)

One of the most important things anyone can learn
right off the bat
is the difference
between taking the work seriously
and the self seriously

and to operate from the former
rather than the latter. In fact
to not take oneself so seriously
will be better for the work, which
will in turn
better allow the artist
to not take themself

The process is cyclical.
One component
needn’t follow the other
since they are both (more or less)
happening at the same time.

My style is frenetic
because I am frenetic
and constantly on the move.
As I go, the writing goes,
and as the writing goes, I go.

Everything is cyclical, and
I’m fond of circles mainly for that reason.
The circle is elemental, and
reflects many big-time truths
such as seasons,
the inevitability of change,
there being no end
or beginning
or more specifically

how one often means the other.

The numeric meaning behind the circle is powerful,
where the triangle represents the the number three
and the square the number four,
the circle represents one.

And there is no greater number in the universe than the number one.

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