World Poetry Day

I’ll tell ya something brother
poetry is our return
to truly democratic
ordeals, the art
form of the people
empowered by
the firm grip
forged in fire
now cold steel
of the world

the word
at times spoken
other times written
it is
a return
to language
without ever being
second guessed
you have the quiet
and quick
to look over
once and again


we echo the speech
of our ancestors
the ghosts who speak
through you and through me
as we sing
and we dance
around the campfire, this
is our birthright
our heritage

we are
so armed
by the inheritance
in which we must invest,
for now and for always
our lives,
our identity
and sacred honor
this privilege
this duty
to stand firmly
rooted to the earth, and
declare to providence
the fact of our existence

Gigi’s Cafe, LA
World Poetry Day
March 21, 2019

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