Piano Player in a Vienna Cafe (Diglas)

at night
rain falls neath soft neon lights
between the old walls of Vienna,
as people laugh &
take in the sights
and the piano plays for the end of days
in a broken-down cafe

I hear a song, sudden
like a waltz
some ancient dance
I remember well the woman
beneath the glass and chandeliers
eternal candlelight
my sweet affection
my own sustained fears

I’ve longed
to hear that sound
again. The crashing chimes
A fury, yea, that rising tide

And the eyes

The eyes of all who watched
We’re all frozen in time
Within the opera house walls

In Mighty Budapest
The ancient crest
still faded, I remember best
when I hear the violins, from now
until then, for when I return out west
from Vienna
I remember
my sacred heart
the sweetest music
playing in the dark

still falls
On these streets between undaunted walls
I hear your voice call soft to me
A fog from the ancient shores of the sea


What I owe I must remember
Made me a vow ‘neath the stars of the desert
I know I can’t stay here forever
On these streets, my beloved
these streets of Vienna
these streets
these streets
these streets of Vienna

Cafe Diglas, Vienna
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