Who Profits?

Words & Music
by Ren Michael

I need a good friend
Who goes on more than instinct
Though when you show me the source
Don’t pretend not to blink
You claim to report
But now you tell me what to think
I’m over it man
I’m here the brink
I’ll see you at home
I’ll pour you a drink

Ask yourself who profits
Off the nations divide
Ask where they’ll be
Should their great war arrive
Though they always insist
They got no hold on the tide
Don’t expect to find them
Serving on the front line,
Don’t expect to find them
Even lingering behind

You know what I’m saying.
Deep down, we’ve known all along
It takes no great brain
To see right and see wrong
Sisters and brothers
Each of us a pawn
Turned against one another
In a continuous con
In an ongoing game
Of “Which Side Are You On?”

Like many years before
If you’re middle or poor
Whether you’re white or black
You’ll be the first out the door
To the sounds of the drum
Ramming speed at the oars
They’ll start with the young
And shove their face to floor
From the highest rung
Guess who keeps score

Look up and you’ll see ‘em
In their penthouse they hide
Like an eye in the sky
While the rest of us die
Though they’ll always insist
They remain on your side
Though they’ll always persist
That they’re just true to the times
Once more I’ll say this
Who’s got hold on the tide?

My friend look to who profits
Off the nations divide

Just look to who profits
Off the nations divide

We’ve got the numbers on our side
We can change the tide
With open hearts and minds
Now is the time. Now is the time
Now is the time.

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