The Wake Up

Only Love

For me there is only the road. Sometimes I think it’s the only real home for me listening to good music and digging every new place I see and all the old places too with the sun in my eyes and above me the moon and the stars.

It’s a real sweet spot, some concentration of all these things I am talking about though not too tight a grip either, but she says it’s the lucky hour 11:11 and I love Her and I keep it at that. And I know no demons will come to get me because there are none beyond those I feed. No, there is only love. Only love.

No overthinking or even much thinking just feeling and instinct and movement. That’s it.

Telling my story #1

I tell ya another thing I think I slept well. And I’m beginning to wonder whether that sort of thing really does make a difference after all.

You think people will know that I’m writing in the year 2021? As opposed to 2121? Yea what will notebook paper look like 100 years from now? I suspect it will look much the same. Paul McCartney just said on the Beatles Channel that he feels blessed to be able to write songs and that it’s something akin to making a dream come true. Maybe that’s just what I heard him say.

I don’t know if this is what I am meant to do or what but I know I feel the most myself when I am doing it. Writing these words for example on a bright and Sunny morning at my kitchen table and maybe strumming my guitar creating and telling my story.

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